What a wonderful world !

Every window in life is a door to a new Universe

Amar poth chola

G     Cadd9          G6      Cadd9    Dsus4


G            Cadd9 Bm    Cadd9    Dsus4
Amaar path chola amaar pathey
G           Cadd9   Bm        Cadd9   Dsus4
Jeno bela sheshey aakash kaar mohey

Em        B          Dsus4
Aamar shopno aamar shathe
Cadd9           G
Jeno shopne phire ashe shopno hoye

G      Cadd9       Bm
Khuje pae jeeboner teer
C     Cadd9
Jibon ke kono shopno bhebe

Aami kaar asha te
Chute Choli pothey pothey
Jeno kaar maya te
Cadd9               Bm
Badha poreche jeebon je
Koto shukh kolpona
Koto mitthey prolobhon
Koshther prothiti khon
Cadd9  Dsus4  G
Shonae taar ahoban

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